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European Transplant and Dialysis Games kicks off with darts, bowling and badminton


Aug 23, 2022

The European Transplant and Dialysis Games kicked off in Oxford with darts, bowling, badminton and more.

At the end of the first day, Great Britain was lying in second place.

Jordan Priests from Abingdon took part in the darts competition.

Jordan, who is currently undergoing dialysis and has been for about four months, won Gold in his category.

He said he has "good days and bad days".

"Being here is amazing," he said, explaining that he was told about the Games when he was at the hpspital. "The guy said, you can be in this and you know what, it's going to be amazing."

Meanwhile Jodie, competing in the badminton for Great Britain, said she had a kidney transplant 12 years ago from her mum which is beginning to fail.

"It's because of dialysis I'm still able to compete," she said.

There was 10-pin bowling at the Kassam Stadium while some athletes were in the pool preparing for the swimming which takes place at Radley College today.

On Tuesday evening there will be a 5km run at Blenheim Palace which will be livestreamed.

Radley College has produced a round-up video (below) of Monday's competition.

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