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Former Oxford chaplain praised as ‘best reader by far’ at Queen’s State funeral


Sep 19, 2022

A former Oxford chaplain and college fellow helped to lead the congregation in worship at the Queen's State funeral.

And Revd Mark Birch was praised for his "BEAUTIFUL voice and phrasing".

Another appreciative comment said: "Hah! I was *just* about to comment to you on what a beautiful speaking voice he has!"

A third said: "By far the best reader today."

And another fan: "Nice bit o’ Donne from a St Paul’s sermon, read by old friend Mark Birch, sometime chaplain of Exeter College. Safe hands."

Others said: "Well, you all must be mighty proud of him today. My friend used to be precentor at Westminster Cathedral, and I know how much he did and what a weight it could be. This was glorious, all the kudos."

Revd Birch has been a Minor Canon at Westminster Abbey since January 2015.

As Precentor he is responsible to the Dean of Westminster for the daily worshipping life of the Abbey, and for designing and planning many of its special services.

Before the Abbey, he was Chaplain at children's hospice Helen and Douglas House in Oxford, and before that Chaplain and Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford.

The service for the Queen was conducted by The Very Reverend Dr David Hoyle, Dean of Westminster.

Members of foreign Royal families, heads of state, and overseas Government representatives were received at the Great West Door by the Dean and senior clergy of Westminster.

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