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Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies on King Charles and the Queen


Sep 17, 2022

A UNIVERSITY centre which focuses on the study of Islam, and where King Charles III holds a senior position, has paid tribute to the Queen.

The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, based in Marston Road, was founded in 1985 and is dedicated to the study of Islamic culture.

It is a registered educational charity, with the King its patron, and is part of the University of Oxford.

Oxford Mail: The King during a visit to the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies in May 2017. Picture: Richard CaveThe King during a visit to the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies in May 2017. Picture: Richard Cave

In a statement, the centre said: “The trustees and fellows of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies share the nation’s grief at the loss of a beloved monarch, admired and respected around the world, and offer their sincere condolences to the centre’s patron and all the royal family.”

In May 2017, the centre marked its official opening at its new £100m base, after founding 32 years previously.

The King spoke to academics, financiers and foreign envoys, who had gathered to tour the centre’s new buildings in Marston Road.

He was then given a tour of the finished grounds, including a mosque and a garden he helped design.

The centre arranges lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences and exhibitions throughout the academic year.

The governance of the centre is managed by a board of trustees, made up of scholars and statesmen from across the world, plus representatives of the university.

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