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PICTURES: Warm evening brings hundreds of families to return of Witney Feast


Sep 13, 2022

Screams of excitement and exhiliration filled the air as thrill-seekers conquered their fear to feel the wind rushing through their hair and the blood pumping through their veins on the rollercoasters at Witney Feast.

Hundreds of families headed to the Leys on an unseasonably warm night for the event, featuring over 60 rides and attractions.

Back in Witney for the first time in four years was one of the UK’s most iconic thrill rides – Air.

The attraction sends 24 riders through the sky on a star-shaped cluster of spinning and flipping gondolas attached to a 28 metre (91ft) rotating boom.

Oxford Mail:

The exhilirating ride has a loyal band of fans who will travel great distances to experience it.

After making its debut in 2021, the City Star Flyer returned to offer fair-goers spectacular views of the surroundings, to Oxford and beyond.

Standing 55m tall – or a whopping 180ft – the flying chair ride is one of the highest of its kind.

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With over 60 attractions in total, other popular rides will included the Wild Mouse spinning coaster, Waltzer, dodgems, Storm, Space, Super Trooper, Super Star, Extreme and many more.

For families and younger Feast fans, there were attractions such as the Dragon Coaster, Helter Skelter, four Fun Houses and a wide selection of children’s rides, trampolines, inflatables, games and food, as well as the traditional Gallopers carousel.

Emily Wilson, of Bob Wilson’s Funfairs, said: “Witney is a highlight of our ‘back end’ run of fairs without a doubt.

Oxford Mail:

"Just as the nights start closing in, it’s a delight to be able to light up The Leys with a spectacular array of rides and attractions, and this year we’ve got possibly the strongest selection ever.”

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The funfair’s roots date back to 1243 when locals feasted on two deer from the Royal Forest of Wychwood, which were provided by King Henry III to help celebrate the rededication of the church we now know as St Mary’s.

Over the years, the Feast has been marked by everything from singing and dancing to horse racing and the sale of livestock.

Oxford Mail:

The event, which continued on Tuesday night, went ahead in line with Government advice for entertainment events during the period of national mourning.

A minute's silence was held at 4pm on Monday and a book of condolence was available.

Organisers Bob Wilson's Funfairs will also make a donation to a local children's charity in memory of the Queen.

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